Priyanka Sibal

Priya is an M.A student in the Health Policy & Equity program at York University. She has previously completed her B.A in Gerontology and Health Studies from McMaster University. Priya is most passionate about community and global challenges related to aging and the health equity of older adults. Some of her research interests include the mental health of older adults, policy for aging populations, health and social inequities, chronic disease prevention and optimal health promotion. 

She is currently completing her major research paper for her Master’s that involves an assessment of the efforts made to advance global policy formation to support aging and older persons. Specifically, her paper aims to examine this through a critical discourse analysis to see the evolving discourse surrounding the advancement and development towards a UN convention. She is currently also working on a paper for publication that looks at the factors driving the fluctuation in poverty rates amongst Canadian seniors over the last several decades and how political and ideological forces shape inequities that can lead to poverty.