Our Research

Systems thinking and AI for disease prevention policy

We are exploring the role of methods informed by systems thinking, complexity science and artificial intelligence in developing and evaluating global and national level policy.

AMR and global governance challenges

How do we build governance systems that reduce the negative impacts of AMR? We are examining challenges in the global governance of AMR and implications for health, food and environmental systems.

Pandemic prevention and global governance

How do we build governance systems that prevent future pandemics? We are examining the governance gap for international wildlife trade and implications for food, health and livelihoods.

Global food supply alignment with health and sustainability

How supportive is the global food supply of food based dietary guidelines that are focused on healthy and sustainable diets? We examined trends in food supply alignment for over 50 years around the world to find out.

Corruption in the global food system

How and where does corruption occur within the global food system? We are exploring whether and where corruption happens, what it looks like and what the impacts are on diet, health and the future of food system transition.

Colonial histories and contemporary food systems

How has colonialism shaped our food system? We are looking at the legacy of colonial agendas, policies and administrations in contemporary food systems, and how they impact health, food security, culture and sustainability.

Surveillance of food systems

How can we improve surveillance systems to better monitor food system impacts on health, climate, and equity? We are exploring the potential utility of systems theories and methods for Canadian food and nutrition surveillance systems.